New Dwelling - Contemporary

East Lindsey DC

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  • Proposed Site Layout Plan
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This site had become very overgrown and the building was in a very poor state.  A replacement was therefore very much needed.  However, the site is small, very narrow and curved around a bend in the road.  Not to mention the open dyke which literally ran past the back door.

When considering the type and style of property, the overall size needed to be as large as possible in order to justify the development costs.  In terms of planning we were restricted with size however, this could be exceeded if it could be proven that a larger dwelling is necessary in order to provide a suitable dwelling.  We managed to justify the increase in size, but his was helped by the fact that our proposals included an eco-building design, which the planners viewed as being more desirable.

Regarding the design, you will notice the first floor is larger than the ground floor.  This is to maximise the number of bedrooms, but at the same time maximise the amenity space around the building, due to the restricted site.