Planning Appraisals

Our planning consultants and chartered surveyors assess development options against planning policy, site constraints, and viability considerations to provide clear advice on a site’s potential

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We help clients to identify cost effective and efficient routes to securing this potential through the planning process in order to maximise value. 

Our planning consultants provide a range of professional services to support clients from initial planning appraisals and pre-application stages of a project, through to the sale of land or property.

What we do

  • Establish a clear understanding of clients’ requirements
  • Gather relevant information to gain a thorough understanding of a site’s context and potential constraints
  • Identify development opportunities and appropriate strategies for obtaining planning permission
  • Work with our architectural designer to provide design advice
  • Engage with the Local Planning Authority and local community
  • Advise on ways to maximise asset value

When we can help

  • Planning appraisals
  • Concept design sketches and architectural drawings
  • Pre-application submissions to local planning authorities
  • Planning applications
  • Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan reviews
  • Planning Appeals and advice
  • Planning Enforcement and advice
  • General planning advice

Why JHWalter

  • Our depth and breadth of planning experience
  • Founded in 1790, we have a long established reputation for providing realistic, honest and impartial advice
  • Our planning consultants work collaboratively with our chartered surveyors, property agents, and rural business consultants to ensure opportunities are fully explored and maximised
  • Trusted to Provide Inspired Solutions


Steve Catney

BA (Hons) Partner,
Town Planner
01522 504 330
07919 694 229
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Steve Catney

James Lambert

BSc (Hons) MSc MRTPI Chartered Town Planner 01522 504 329
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James Lambert

Alistair Anderson

BSc (Hons) AssocRTPI Town Planner 01522 504 315
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Alistair Anderson