Property & Business - Winter 2020

PROPERTY | BUSINESS | PLANNING | ENERGY 20 In August, The Government published the ‘Planning for the future’ Consultation document which proposes reforms to the current planning system. The consultation closed 29th October 2020. The emphasis in recent times has been to ‘build, build, build’ and whilst that still stands, these reforms present a complete shake-up to entire planning system which could lead to various new opportunities to landowners. Acknowledging the current problems within planning, The Government have created a new vision and new proposals to undertake a ‘radical reform unlike anything we have seen since the Second World War’. The proposals aim to:- • Streamline the planning process and simplify Local Plans; • Take a radical digital-first approach to modernise the planning process; • Bring a new focus on design and sustainability; • Improve infrastructure delivery; and • Ensure more land is available for the homes and development people and communities need, and to support renewal of our town and city centres Included within the proposal is a new method of ‘land zoning’ which would see land split into Growth, Renewal and Protected areas and a reform to the Community Infrastructure levy and the current system of planning obligations. The Government aim to deliver more on-site affordable housing and sweep away months of Section 106 negotiation and the need to consider site viability. Whilst it is important to note that this is just a consultation and legislation has not changed yet, it is encouraging to see the positive steps made which may lead to various new opportunities for landowners in the near future with potential land designation and land delivery changes. Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Robert Jenrick MP stated that the proposals “aim to facilitate a more diverse and competitive housing industry, in which smaller builders can thrive alongside the big players”. For further information about the Planning for the future White Paper or any other planning matter please contact our Planning Team. White Paper: Planning for the Future. How proposed reforms to the planning system may present new oppor tunities for landowners Alistair Anderson BSc (Hons) Town Planner e t 01522 504315 5.4 acres at Gosberton, Spalding - Currently for sale Imagery © 2017 Google, Map data ©2017 Google