Property & Business - Winter 2020 08 PROPERTY | BUSINESS | PLANNING | ENERGY Closed For Viewings - Buying & Selling Of f Market There can be numerous reasons when a vendor likes to keep their privacy under wraps and not shout from the roof tops that they wish to offer their home for sale. This is the time when a quiet off market sale, not advertised to the general public, may be a preferred option. For a number of years now we have been offering a soft sell option to market property and we have an established list of private buyers where we match different properties to the right buyer. Due to current high demand this soft sell option can deliver exceptional results. If you are interested in finding out more information on how off-market works please contact our residential team. Lincolnshire a preferred destination We’ve been flabbergasted by the amount of sellers and buyers, through all price points of the market, looking to find a new home in our fair county since lockdown was lifted. Having asked the audience, many of their drivers have become clear. We have been seeing many potential purchasers from out of county wanting to find a home offering space around it, in order to be able to stretch out. A luxury they’ve been unaccustomed to in the larger conurbations. As we have been fortunate so far to generally have lower rates of infection, Lincolnshire is now a preferred destination for buyers where they can find a lovely spacious family home. With the realisation that many workers will not need to be travelling to their offices on a regular basis, they are looking to be able to work from home professionally, rather than having to book a time slot for space at the kitchen table. However, the most heart-warming unspoken thought process seems to be a growing awareness that life is too short. That we have all been spending far too much time living to work, rather than working to live. If there is any positive lesson we can learn from this horrific pandemic, surely this is it? Simon Smith MNAEA MARLA Partner, Residential Property e t 01522 504354