Wind Turbines

JHW are Medium Scale Wind Energy Specialists, our Energy and Planning team are delivering a range of wind energy projects for clients, typically but not exclusively between 50kw and 500kw.

The growth of onshore wind turbines in the UK over the last 10 years was driven by government financial supported in the shape of Feed In Tariffs (FITs) and Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs). These schemes have now ended and whilst Contracts for Difference now covers onshore wind, the scale and scheme mechanism make it relatively unattractive to previous schemes.  

Political opinion appears to be swinging back behind onshore wind and some planning authorities have denoted preferred areas for development. There are therefore signs of an improving backdrop to securing planning for turbines.  The question therefore is one of financial viability in the absence of financial support. Investment can be feasible in certain situations, for example high energy users. Alternatively, lower capital investment schemes may be able to secure reasonable returns based on anticipated wholesale electricity prices.  This said current wholesale prices are at an all-time low. So opportunities are limited but where there is economic potential establishing planning and grid issues remains the starting point for many projects

From initial feasibility and turbine selection, JHW have secured planning, grid connection, and ofgem accreditation for a range of projects along with funding support and project delivery throughout the United Kingdom.

When we can help

  • High onsite energy usage?
  • Concerned about rising energy prices?
  • Seeking independent advice for potential wind energy development?
  • Have you a project that is not progressing and need a new approach?
  • Are you looking at adding a turbine to an existing installation?

Our services include:

Feasibility Studies

  • Financial viability
  • Detailed site analysis and consultations
  • Grid connection
  • Scale & technology selection
  • Funding - we deal with Banks and private investors, matching finance type to individual client needs

Planning Applications

  • Preparation, submission of planning application and supporting technical documentation
  • Discharge of planning conditions
  • Appeal

Project Delivery

  • Contract negotiation and funding of Wind Turbines
  • Project delivery and commissioning
  • Power Purchase Agreements

Why JHWalter

  • Experience of working on a wide variety of renewable energy planning applications
  • Excellent success rate and realistic, honest advice
  • Work hard to get you the best result for a fair fee
  • Excellent established reputation - originally established in 1790


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