Tiln Farm, Retford


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JHWalter were engaged to undertake an initial site feasibility study, management of third party reports, and submission of a planning application.

This development, which was approved by Bassetlaw District Council in December 2013 will;

  • Generate approximately 7,392,000 kWh/annum of renewable energy per annum
  • Offset over 3878 tonnes of CO2 per annum
  • Provide electricity for the equivalent of 2240 homes per annum
  • Help to meet national targets set out in the Government’s Renewable Energy Strategy specifically that 15% of our energy comes from renewable sources by 2020

Occupying 22.19 hectares of land located in countryside a mile north of Retford with the hamlet to Tiln and to the east and the Villages of Hayton and Clarborough to the west.

This development will consist of:

  • Solar panels – which consist of photovoltaic cells, which convert solar irradiation into direct current electricity. When sunlight strikes the panel’s surface, a flow of electrons is generated proportional to both the intensity of the sunlight, and to the surface area of the panel
  • Inverters and transformers – PV panels generate direct current (DC) electricity, which must be converted to alternating current (AC) power for use in the electricity distribution network. This is done by an inverter. A transformer will increase the AC current from low voltage to high voltage
  • A Substation – A substation with transformer (depending on the grid connection voltage), switchgear and metering equipment is required
  • Fencing – A fence around the perimeter of the solar farm. 2 metres in height
  • Lighting and security measures
  • Ecological enhancement measures through the improved hedgerow and the provision of a range of bird nesting boxes. The ground around and beneath the array will be seeded with a species-rich grass mix which will be managed by grazing by sheep

The site was chosen as it is:

  • Flat site ideal for maximizing solar gain
  • Well-screened from public view by hedgerows and woodland
  • Grade 3 land which was considered the poorest for production on the farm
  • Benefits from a nearby grid connection available at 33KV


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