BREEAM & Code for Sustainable Homes

JHW are independent advisers on renewable energy and low energy building design. Our Energy and Planning team are providing advice across a range of projects for clients looking to reduce embedded energy and ongoing energy needs of commercial and residential properties.

There are a wide array of low carbon/energy efficient materials, designs and appliances on the market, making choosing the most appropriate for your needs and budget something of a challenge. With extensive experience of the installation of energy efficient technology in both new and existing housing stock, along with skills in low energy building design, we can help with your projects.

We offer you professional independent advice on the latest advances in design, technology and policy; helping you to increase your energy efficiency, compliance with regulations, reduce your carbon footprint and save money.  Our approach is straightforward and independent. Each project is different and determines the scope of works carried out. For existing property the work will generally include a thermal (infrared) survey.

For new commercial new build, a BREEAM assessment will provide a design stage assessment of a building to determine its BREEAM rating and recommend ways in which this rating can be improved.

For domestic property we will advise on energy design to both achieve owner’s objectives and where necessary to meet the required level for the Code for Sustainable Homes

When we can help

  • Looking to improve the energy efficiency of an existing property
  • Newbuild specification for low/zero carbon property
  • Planning success dependent on eco-property (eco homes, eco offices etc)?
  • Off-grid property
  • Concerned about rising energy prices?
  • Need to understand the range of green energy technologies and the funding support from the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Our services include:

Scoping (Free)

  • Initial survey of key factors to assess a potential project’s suitability


  • Address available options for retrofit
  • Identify appropriate renewables
  • Advise on the best specification for your project taking account of technical and economic factors
  • Funding - we deal with Banks, Venture Capitalists and private investors, matching finance type to individual client needs

Planning Applications

  • Preparation, submission of planning application and supporting technical documentation
  • Discharge of planning conditions

Project Delivery

  • Preparing design brief, outline proposal and preliminary sketch design
  • Detailed drawings and 3D visualisations
  • Building regulations and working drawings

Why JHWalter

  • Experience of working on a wide variety of renewable energy schemes and sustainable development
  • Excellent success rate and realistic, honest and Independent advice
  • Work hard to get you the best result for a fair fee
  • Excellent established reputation - originally established in 1790


David Wright

BSc (Hons) MIAgrM Consultant 01522 504 321
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David Wright

Henry Haworth

BSc (Hons) Renewables Consultant
Assistant Rural Surveyor
01522 504 327
07919 694 234
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Henry Haworth

James Lambert

BSc (Hons) MSc Town Planner 01522 504 329
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James Lambert