Farm Stock Valuations

Our rural team provides specialist advice and prepares Annual Farm Stock Valuations (ASV) for all types of farming systems and sizes of business.

When we can help

We provide specialist and practical advice to farmers and accountants on the preparation of accurate stocktaking valuations to comply with RICS Valuation - Professional Standards, Central Association of Agricultural Valuers’ Guidance on Agricultural Stocktaking Valuations for Tax purposes,  the Statements of Standard Accounting Practice (SSAP) 9, Stocks and long-term contracts, published by the Accounting Standards Board and HMRC Help Sheet HS232 Farming Stock Valuation (BIM 55400 and previously BEN 19). Our areas of expertise include:

  • Preparation of Annual Valuations of agricultural live and dead stock
  • Preparation of valuations for Income and Corporation Tax purposes
  • Advice to farmers and accountants in preparation of valuations
  • Assistance in investigations into ASVs
  • Advice on record keeping for the farmer
  • Cost efficient preparation of valuations
  • Advice on farming and leasing structures and implications for ASV
  • Advice on implications for ASV from Basic Payment Scheme arrangements

Why JHWalter

  • A professional approach to the preparation of the valuations to ensure compliance with appropriate regulations
  • A practical approach to work with the farmer and office record systems to ensure efficient and accurate collection of information
  • Full compliance with industry guidance
  • Full co-operation with accountants for preparation of valuation


Ellie Allwood

BSc (Hons) LL.M FRICS FAAV Partner,
Chartered Surveyor
01522 504 320
07919 694 227
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Ellie Allwood

Ambrose Fowler

MRICS FAAV MRAC Consultant Chartered Surveyor 01522 504 308
07976 879 024
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Ambrose Fowler

Timothy Atkinson

BSc (Hons) MRICS FAAV Partner,
Chartered Surveyor
01522 504 313
07919 694 224
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Timothy Atkinson

Ian Walter

BSc (Hons) CEnv FRICS FAAV Senior Partner,
Chartered Surveyor
01522 504 333
07919 694 230
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Ian Walter