Farm Business Management & Farm Financial Management

Business management of the whole farm enterprise, including operations management, financial management, maximising returns and conforming with legislative obligations.

When can we help

  • Any time outside business management is required to assist with the financial management or operations management
  • Business management required due to changes in business structure including retiring farmers, absentee landlords, family crises, deaths and taxes!
  • Business management of contract farming agreements to ensure maximum returns and operation efficiency
  • Supporting the business to deal effectively with third parties, from the bank manager, the seed salesman or the government
  • Supporting the business when operations management issues arise, ensuring a sustainable future
  • Managing contractors where contract farm agreements are in place

Why JHWalter

  • Consultants who have and do manage their own farming businesses
  • Hands-on experience of all aspects of farm business management and farm financial management
  • Enthusiasm for a financially challenging sector
  • Thorough and professional approach supported by local knowledge
  • Provision of practical advice to suit the business and the people
  • Wide knowledge of accounts systems to provide financial management information


Mike Johnson

Agricultural Business Consultant 01522 504 325
07950 230 922
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Mike Johnson