Farm Management & Development

JHWalter have teams of consultants & land agents based in Lincoln to assist with your farming needs

Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)

  • Assistance and completion of Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) applications to ensure your business meets all the requirements and obligations to ensure you receive your Basic Payment Scheme (BPS), whilst you focus on your business management and development.

Environmental Schemes

  • Our team provides assistance with creation & management of environmental schemes including Higher & Entry Level Stewardships. In completing the applications as well as providing assistance throughout the process we can ensure they meet requirements & obligations needed to receive support & funding

Farm Business & Financial Management

  • Consultants are able to provide business management of the whole farm enterprise, including operations management, financial management, maximising returns and conforming with legislative obligations. Also able to assist in managing contractors where there is a contract farm agreement in place

Farm Stock Valuations

  • Specialist advice and preparation of Annual Farm Stock Valuations (ASV) for all types of farming systems and sizes in accordance with valuation requirements