Business Ideas & Product Innovation

Advice and assistance to enable you to develop your business ideas. Understanding how innovation within your business will help further product development and product design. Using market research and knowledge to develop business ideas.

When can we help

  • Innovation is key to any business development, advice and knowledge to develop new business ideas, product development and new product design
  • Assistance with prototyping and testing of new product design, innovation or services
  • Market research to enable your business to understand market opportunities
  • Market research to enable you to take advantage of gaps in your markets and develop your business ideas
  • Market research to analyse different routes to market and how to exploit them
  • Product development of food products and identifying market opportunities are a speciality

Why JHWalter

  • Consultants who have managed product development in the commercial sector
  • Several years of working with funding and product development teams
  • Consultants with experience of businesses and innovation at a number of different development stages
  • Range of industry networks enabling the provision of qualified knowledge
  • Accurate advice based on local market expertise
  • Ability to take on a number of elements of developing and expanding new and improving businesses


Mike Johnson

Agricultural Business Consultant 01522 504 325
07950 230 922
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Mike Johnson