Business Management & Development

  • Feasibility & Project Management

    Feasibility & Project Management

    Business consultants providing advice on & analysis of business start-up, new ideas, projects and product development. These & other opportunities to develop a business can add value to existing enterprises & markets & in providing on-going project management JHWalter can make the dream a reality

  • Financial Management

    Financial Management

    Production and analysis of management accounts which enable us to provide you with advice in order to maximise business performance. Also, preparation of a business plan, forecasts and budgets to assist development as well as preparing a marketing plan to maximise your business' ongoing development

  • Business Ideas & Product Innovation

    Business Ideas & Product Innovation

    Experienced consultants who can advise and assist to enable you to develop your business ideas. Understanding of how innovation within your business will help further product development and product design. As well as using market research and knowledge to take advantage of gaps in the market

  • Grants & Funding

    Grants & Funding

    Consultants experienced in completing successful funding applications offer assistance in identifying small business loans, government grants & other funding opportunities as well as completion the relevant applications. Enabling your business to take advantage of the funding opportunities

Farm Management & Development

  • Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

    Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

    Advice and completion of Single Payment Scheme (SPS) application ensuring your business meets all the requirements of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to ensure you receive your Single Farm Payment (SFP). These obligations will be shaped by the CAP reform and we offer sound advice on the process

  • Environmental Schemes

    Environmental Schemes

    Our team provides assistance with creation & management of environmental schemes including Higher & Entry Level Stewardships. In completing the applications as well as providing assistance throughout the process we can ensure they meet requirements & obligations needed to receive support & funding

  • Farm Business & Financial Management

    Farm Business & Financial Management

    Consultants are able to provide business management of the whole farm enterprise, including operations management, financial management, maximising returns and conforming with legislative obligations. Also able to assist in managing contractors where there is a contract farm agreement in place

  • Farm Stock Valuations

    Farm Stock Valuations

    Our rural team provides specialist advice and prepares Annual Farm Stock Valuations (ASV) for all types of farming systems and sizes of business in accordance with valuation requirements. Farming systems include arable, dairy, pigs, horticulture and energy crops.

Machinery Auctions

  • Our auction team provide a service that organises and carries out machinery auctions and farm dispersal sales throughout the East Midlands.

    Selling your machinery using this method helps our clients realise optimum value from their sales ensuring a stress free and successful outcome

Insolvency Support

  • Valuation, sale and asset management support for insolvency practitioners in residential, agricultural and commercial property and machinery.