You Need to Register to Bid at our Property Auction

We are now less than a week away from our next property auction at 3pm on Wednesday 15th July 2020, which will be live streamed from the JHWalter Head Office

  • Live Stream Auction
  • County Property Auction
  • Gab & Gavel

This is a live stream event only - You must register for remote bidding and provide a deposit, or you will not be able to bid

Step 1 - Remote Bidding Form

Please download and fill in the Remote Bidding Form, along with your remote bidding choice mentioned below, and send it back to us.

We require the form by Tuesday 14th July

Step 2 - Deposit

You need to provide us with 10% deposit of your maximum bid along with the £750 (inc vat) buyers fee. This can be done via electronic transfer or cheque. 

We require the deposit by Tuesday 14th July

Step 3 - Choose your Remote Bidding Option

  1. Online Bidding - You will need to ensure you are registered with the Essential Information Group, who provide the online bidding platform
  2. Telephone Bidding - We will call you as the lot is being offered in order to bid live via the telephone. Limited availability, so is on a first come first serve basis
  3. Proxy Bidding - Fill in the remote bidding form and state your maximum bid and we will bid on your behalf up to you stated maximum bid if required

Take a look at the current lots coming up for auction | Email the Auction Team | Call the Auction Team on 01522 504360