When the going gets tough, the tough get GOING GOING GONE!

The County Property Auction team are pleased to report a surge of interest in our latest auction which will be held as a live stream event on the 15th July with remote bidding only.

  • Gab & Gavel
  • Lot 3 - Canwick
  • Lot 8 - Dunston
  • Lot 9 - East Markham
  • Lot 12 - Drury Lane, Lincoln

The specialist auction team who are part of well-known Lincoln based agents JHWalter plan a live online auction to ensure a safe environment for bidders. The July sale will be conducted live by our chief auctioneer Ian Walter from our office at 1 Mint Lane. Bidders will watch the sale live and bid online with the hammer falling in the usual way. There will be three options to do this via online bidding, telephone or proxy bidding and the auction team shall be pleased to talk you through and register you for the remote bidding process so don’t hesitate to contact them on 01522 504360.

“Ian Walter commented that although there will not be any bidders in the room there will still be atmosphere.  There is nothing like the feeling when a property is hot with bids arriving from all quarters. A show is interesting when it is live even if it is online, one only has to look at the success of TV shows such as Graham Norton in lockdown format to see that it can work well. It will be the first time that JHWalter have held an auction at 1 Mint Lane since 1985 when the firm held regular furniture auctions on site”.

We have adapted to the new rules by delaying the sale until July to allow more time for the restrictions on movement to be relaxed.  We have dealt with many enquiries so far and arranged virtual tours for most of the lots to whet the appetite of buyers.  We plan physical viewings as soon as the rules permit so please register your interest to view and we will be in touch. 

James Mulhall commented we have a great entry of property for this sale which has meant a busy time through lockdown with more lots being added along the way. If you have a property or land to sell then please contact the auction team for a free market appraisal as we are still taking entries for our 15th July auction.

Take a look at the current lots coming up for auction | Email the Auction Team | Call the Auction Team on 01522 504360