The home is more important than ever

The home has now taken a greater role in all our lives, both for recreation and as a work base.

  • Folly View, Tealby

JHWalter expect to see customers seeking new homes with the potential to fulfil this and will invest in home improvement schemes.  Agent Simon Smith says:

"there will be increased emphasis on homes with great views, access to the countryside and outdoor space where the family can relax. Fortunately Lincolnshire offers great homes, great views and great value."

Families will also channel funds that would have been spent on trips abroad into their homes and the planning and design team at JHWalter will be assisting with consent issues. Head of planning Steve Catney, who sees there will be more demand for bespoke home offices and extensions, commented:

“after 7 weeks locked down at home I have no doubt that there will be requests which are so imaginative we have not yet considered them. I love the idea of a natural swimming pool and Kevin McCloud’s show Grand Designs has inspired many of us. As we start to think about easing slowly out of lock down, Lincolnshire offers opportunities to take projects ahead in more rural areas where it is easier to ensure self-isolation during surveying and then building works. Get your planning applications in now, to be ready to get started as soon as it is safe to do so.”

JHWalter is all about people and their families, we went into lockdown at the first opportunity to protect staff and the general community. We are open for business while working from home. Through buying and selling of land and buildings and achieving planning and development opportunities, we are helping to rebuild the future of our clients and this vibrant business as we start to think about easing out of lockdown in the near future.

Note: Property image is Plot 4, Folly View, Tealby, Lincolnshire - Guide Price £715,000