Relaxed Planning Controls Announced

Changes to the planning rules will enable owners to convert buildings into much needed homes and businesses.

  • Redundant Farm Building

The new permitted development rights will allow farmers to convert redundant agricultural buildings for business use which will include shops and offices. It will also enable offices to be developed into homes, giving the opportunity for owners and developers to bring life back into disused buildings.

Eric Pickles said, “There is huge untapped potential in the many disused buildings we have and we’re determined that every one of them is put to good use. By simplifying the process and relaxing some stringent rules we can provide a helping hand to those eager to boost their high streets or rural communities by cutting the time and costs needed to start up new businesses. We’re also providing a great opportunity for outdated, redundant or underused offices to be brought back to life by converting them into home, protecting the green belt and countryside at the same time”.

Mr Pickles added that, “The changes support the implementation of recommendations from the Mary Portas high street review to reduce restrictive “change of use” red tape by allowing buildings to be used for other purposes. People looking to test out new businesses, start-up ideas and pop-up ventures will be able to do so much more quickly without “costly delays” from seeking permission to change the use of a building. High street premises will be able to be used for new types of business without permission and existing agricultural buildings, up to 500 sq.m, will be able to be utilised for a range of new commercial uses to provide more chances for rural communities to diversify.

Steve Catney – Planning Partner, suggested that as always the detail will be important and for that we have to wait until 30th May 2013. However enough information has been released to show that these changes could have a major impact on the advice we will be giving our clients regarding planning opportunities in the near future.

For further information on the impacts of the new changes or to consider your developments proposals further in light of the new opportunities please contact the JHWalter Planning Team on 01522 504359

For further information: JHWalter Planning