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Welcome to Property & Business, the annual house magazine highlighting the professional activities of JHWalter. It is also our analysis of some of the opportunities and threats within the property market we serve. We hope you enjoy reading it.

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Business interests, whether personal or corporate, have strengths and weaknesses. All should strive to recognise and minimise risk. All should play to their strengths. “Sticking to your knitting” is as relevant as ever. But if it is time to branch out with a new venture, always weigh up the pros and cons. At JHWalter we are here to assist in the process of change, be it selling a property or diversifying a rural business, securing a planning consent or advising on a dispute.

Brexit is seen by the majority of the electorate as an opportunity. The Remainers are keen to point out the threats. The government is tasked with making it work. It is coming at a price. It is for us as individuals and a country to make it work. Brexit success is not just in the hands of government.

As a nation we have been historically good at meeting challenge and change head on. JHWalter is well placed to assist individuals, families, businesses and corporate bodies do just that, to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead and minimise the risks.

If any of the following pages provoke thought or need illumination, please contact us to ask for explanation or advice. We are always here to be of service.

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Front Cover Image: Detail from Allen Signs knight - ‘Knight Time’ by Mik Richardson. Photograph courtesy of Lincoln BIG.