Letters Claiming Mineral Rights

Have you already received a letter from the Land Registry? If not, you may do in the next few days. In either case read on...It is not a scam!

  • Letter Claiming Mineral Rights

In our Spring Property and Business we highlighted about the need for owners of minerals and similar rights (such as shooting rights) to ensure that they had registered their rights by 13th October 2013 or otherwise they could be lost. This does not apply to rights recorded in the original conveyance.

We are now aware that land owners are receiving formal notifications from the Land Registry that these rights, for example mineral rights, have now been registered by another party - even where the land owner believes they legally own the rights.

As the deadline for registration is 13th October 2013, these letters are likely to arrive in the next few days/weeks.

DO NOT BIN the letter as a scam/junk mail - it is not!  You may need to object to the contents or at least keep the formal notification with your property documents.

If you have received a letter and are not sure how to proceed please contact Ellie Allwood