Do You Have Land Near Or Around Grantham?

A recent study commissioned by South Kesteven District Council reveals there is plenty of land surrounding Grantham suitable for building 15,000 houses.

  • Map – Extract of AECON  “Grantham Capacity and Limits to Growth Study”

Map – Extract of AECON  “Grantham Capacity and Limits to Growth Study”

The report by AECOM called “The Grantham Capacity and Limits to Growth Study" determines areas around the town which it suggests may be suitable for housing and employment development.  The study is part of the evidence base that will inform Grantham expansion and allocation in the SKDC Local Plan.

The conclusion is that the hillside slopes around Grantham are too sensitive to growth and they are looking to develop beyond these immediate areas which may open up opportunities for landowners.

Steve Catney, Partner JHWalter says “This proposal is welcomed and is an example of proactive, positive master planning that is all too rare these days in our region. The proposals suggest significant urban growth while addressing the need for green lungs in an urban area and is welcomed as an example of good planning and as an opportunity for landowners, developers and investors in the area."

If you would like to discuss how this report may affect you and your land or indeed any other planning issue please contact the Planning team at JHWalter on 01522 504359.

Read the report in full.