Central Lincolnshire Local Plan - Call for Sites June 2019

The Central Lincolnshire Local Plan (CLLP) Policy Team is undertaking a call for housing and economic sites in June 2019 to produce a new Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELLA) document.

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The CLLP team undertook a review of the existing sites (allocated and non-allocated) in their database for North Kesteven, West Lindsey and the City of Lincoln Council earlier this year, in order to meet the requirements of national planning policy (the NPPF).

The “Call for Sites” in June 2019 is for re-promotion of any existing sites which missed the February/March deadline and also any new sites which have not previously been sent to the CLLP Policy Team.

In order to submit a representation, a detailed form needs completing as well as submitting a plan identifying the land to be included in the representation. Submitting a representation does not guarantee a sites inclusion in the Local Plan or that planning permission will be granted at any stage in the future, but You Have To Be In It To Win It

If you would like any further information please contact the JHWalter Planning Team on 01522 504359 or email the Planning Team to discuss the matter further.