CAP Reform – Entitlements to be rolled over into new Payment Scheme

DEFRA has finally started to decide on the detail of the CAP reform in England which will impact on business and management decisions on all farms across the region.

  • CAP Reform

It has been confirmed that the current Single Payment Scheme (SPS) entitlements will be rolled over to the new Basic Payment Scheme (BPS).

Mark Coulman of JHWalter said, “DEFRA’s report finalised some of the detail as well as proposing the route to take on a number of key areas including the rolling forward of existing entitlements. This means that if you hold SPS entitlements on 31st December 2014 those entitlements will become BPS entitlements and you will be able to claim on them until 2020. However, if in 2015 you hold more entitlements that eligible land, the excess entitlements will be cancelled.  This will have a real beneficial financial impact on farmers in our region. It’s a relief to finally be getting some key decisions and detail which actually impact on farmers so we can finally start to help and advise.”