• Commercial Property

    Commercial Property

    Agents in commercial property: for sale, to let, by auction, acquisition. Supported by valuation, rent review, compensation & expert witness services

  • Farms & Farmland

    Farms & Farmland

    Our land agents specialise in selling farms, agricultural land, equestrian property, smallholdings, paddocks & maximising the value of rural property

  • Property Auctions

    Property Auctions

    Specialising in the sale of property by public auction across the East Midlands with legally binding sales on the fall of the hammer

  • Residential Property

    Residential Property

    Specialising in the marketing of all types of residential property for sale throughout Lincolnshire and the East Midlands

  • Home Buyers Survey

    Home Buyers Survey

    Our Registered Valuers and Chartered Surveyors specialise in Home Buyers Surveys of residential property

  • Property Valuation

    Property Valuation

    Our property valuation team specialise in the valuation of rural, commercial and residential property

  • Expert Witness

    Expert Witness

    Our Expert Witnesses and Chartered Surveyors provide independent expert property advice throughout the East Midland

  • Rent Review & Lease Renewal

    Rent Review & Lease Renewal

    Providing specialist advice on commercial property rent review, lease renewal & other landlord & tenant negotiation

  • Rural Landlord & Tenant

    Rural Landlord & Tenant

    Specialist tenancy advice on all agricultural and rural property including rent reviews, succession, surrenders, tender rents and new lettings

  • Compensation & Compulsory Purchase

    Compensation & Compulsory Purchase

    Specialist advice in property compensation claims and compulsory purchase orders for owners and tenants affected by new roads, pipelines and cables


  • Feasibility & Project Management

    Feasibility & Project Management

    Advice on a range of opportunities to develop or kick start your business and on-going project management to make the dream a reality

  • Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

    Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

    Provision of informed advice on Common Agricultural Policy reform to ensure you comply with requirements and thus receive your Single Farm Payment

  • Financial Management

    Financial Management

    Production & analysis of management accounts enabling us to prepare; business plan, forecast, budget & marketing plan to maximise business development

  • Grants & Funding

    Grants & Funding

    Identifying loans, grants & funding opportunities & completion of successful applications to ensure your business utilises all funding

  • Environmental Schemes

    Environmental Schemes

    Assistance with creation & management of environmental schemes as well as completing the applications needed to receive support & funding

  • Business Ideas & Product Innovation

    Business Ideas & Product Innovation

    Advice on idea development. Understanding how innovation in business will help further product development. Using market research to find market gaps

  • Farm Business & Financial Management

    Farm Business & Financial Management

    Able to provide business management of the whole farm enterprise and assist in managing contractors where there is a contract farm agreement in place

  • Farm Stock Valuations

    Farm Stock Valuations

    Specialist advice and preparation of Annual Farm Stock Valuations for all types of farming systems and sizes in accordance with valuation requirements


  • Environmental Impact Assessment

    Environmental Impact Assessment

    Not all planning applications require full Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), but many still require various environmental reports.

  • Making Planning Applications

    Making Planning Applications

    We prepare and submit a wide variety of planning applications ranging from barn conversions, to housing schemes and renewable energy projects

  • Pre-Planning Applications Advice

    Pre-Planning Applications Advice

    Understanding your needs and delivering options to get the best from your site is our strength. Set us a development challenge and see what we can do

  • Development


    Building regs, discharging planning conditions, BREEAM, S106 agreements, Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and viability assessments all made easy.

  • Design & Architectural Services

    Design & Architectural Services

    Our creative design team will take your project from initial concept, through the formal planning process and onto Building Regulations approval


  • Solar Thermal

    Solar Thermal

    Small scale heat demand? Solar thermal is a well tested technology providing straightforward solutions & benefiting from the Renewable Heat Incentive

  • Anaerobic Digestion

    Anaerobic Digestion

    Learn about the extensive experience we can bring to AD projects large and small from initial feasibility right through to commissioning and beyond

  • Solar Photovoltaics

    Solar Photovoltaics

    Small or large scale, roof mount or solar farm, FITs or ROCs. The PV market remains changeable but suitable investment can provide attractive returns

  • Hydro Electric

    Hydro Electric

    Even in the East Midlands, there is potential for small scale hydro development which can provide reliable reasonable cost long term power solutions

  • Biomass


    Commercial heat investment provides green credentials and attractive returns. Learn more about the opportunity, costs and returns supported by the RHI

  • Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps

    Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps

    Harness the heat of the earth and/or air to replace fossil fuel based energy with well tested systems which benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive

  • Wind Turbines

    Wind Turbines

    Find out about the potential and the pit falls, where small/medium scale wind is appropriate, and why wind investment still makes commercial sense


  • Property Auctions

    Property Auctions

    Specialising in the sale of property by public auction across the East Midlands with legally binding sales on the fall of the hammer

  • Machinery Auctions

    Machinery Auctions

    Our auction team provide a service that organises and carries out machinery auctions and farm dispersal sales throughout the East Midlands